The Smart Connected Home

Why do I need a Smart connected Home?

The connected home adds complete integration and control to multiple devices, allowing for your home to be controlled by all members of the family both inside the house and out.

What is Smart?

Its effortless control, from connected washing machines, robotic vacums and everyday appliances, makes your home "Smart".

It carries out tasks automatically, offering control from various platforms including  smart switches, smart phones, tablets -  all autonomously and from voice control.

Fully Automated

A Smarthome Automation system carries out the day to day tasks so you don't have to. It opens the blinds at sunrise and closes them again at sunset. It switches off the lights when they're not in use and remembers to set your alarm for the morning. It also remembers the mood lighting set for the dining room whilst playing your favourite radio station. The system carries out tasks not just like a timer, but also based on other factors using smart technology. For example, it automatically cools a room by closing the blinds when the area gets too hot without you having to lift a finger.

Time and Money saving

It saves energy by only using power when needed, adjusting the light brightness to suit and monitoring your power usage by automatically turning off devices. 

It does the clever tasks so you don't have to think about them, saving you time and money leaving you to enjoy life the way you want to!